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Culinary Tourism Hobby? These 10 Indonesian Specialties You Must Try!
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Culinary Tourism Hobby? These 10 Indonesian Specialties You Must Try!

Culinary Tourism Hobby? These 10 Indonesian Specialties You Must Try!

No need to go far, just #DiIndonesiaAja, Pesona Buddy can experience various kinds of exciting holidays, ranging from natural attractions, walks in historical places, to culinary tours. Yes, the holiday will feel incomplete if you don’t taste various Indonesian specialties that taste guaranteed to make you addicted. Actually, there are a lot of typical foods in Indonesia, let’s see, some of them!

1 | Rendang

Pesona friends, of course, have tasted this one culinary, right? The reason is, this one food is one of the main dishes in every Padang Restaurant throughout the country. Yes, especially if it’s not rendang. Rendang is a dish that comes from Minangkabau, made from processed meat cooked with spices. This culinary is so popular because it has a delicious taste. In fact, in 2017, rendang was named the number 1 best food by CNN Travel, you know! Great, yes.

2 | Pempek

Talking about Indonesian specialties, it will not be complete if you don’t mention Pempek Palembang. This food made from fish meat and starch is said to have been around since the 16th century, you know, Buddy Pesona! Pempek is the people’s favorite culinary, because it has a complete taste. There are sour, sweet, spicy, and savory flavors. Pempek also comes in several types, including pempek lenjer, round, fish skin, and the most famous is the submarine pempek, which contains chicken eggs.

3 | Fried Rice

Who doesn’t know this very Indonesian food? So famous, this food is already very global and is often recommended to foreigners who are going to Indonesia for the first time. The delicious taste of fried rice has been recognized by the world. In fact, in 2011, fried rice won second place in the list of “50 Most Delicious Foods in the World” based on the results of an CNN International survey. Buddy Pesona must have tried this culinary?

4 | Gudeg

Pesona friends must have known that Jogja is also known as Gudeg City? If you visit Jogja, it feels incomplete if you haven’t eaten gudeg or used it as a souvenir for your loved ones. Gudeg Jogja is famous for its sweet taste and is made from young jackfruit processed with coconut milk. This typical Jogja food will taste more delicious if eaten with warm rice, thick coconut milk sauce, native chicken, tempeh, tofu, and eggs.

5 | Liwet Rice

After being satisfied with eating culinary in Jogja, Sobat Pesona can continue culinary tours to a city that is located quite close to Jogja, namely Solo City. Here, Buddy Pesona can spoil your stomach again by eating liwet rice. Do you know for sure about this one culinary? Liwet rice is rice cooked with coconut milk and has a savory taste, similar to nasi uduk. This rice is served with shredded chicken, areh (thick coconut milk), and chayote vegetables. It tastes really savory. Suitable for eating at breakfast or dinner.

7 | Bakso

This is a typical Indonesian food that can be found in almost all regions in Indonesia, from big cities to villages. This food in the form of meat balls is usually made from a mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour. Now, meatballs come in a more varied type and are not always round, you know, Buddy Pesona. One portion of meatballs will usually be served with broth and topped in the form of noodles, tofu, fried onions, and celery.

8 | Lumpia

The delicious culinary that exists #DiIndonesiaAja hasn’t finished yet, Buddy Pesona. If previously there was heavy food, it’s time for Pesona Buddy to try the famous snack from Semarang, namely spring rolls. When viewed from its history, spring rolls are traditional snacks originating from China. Spring lumpia is a processed product of rice flour which is formed into very thin sheets and then given various fillings, such as bamboo shoots, eggs, meat, fresh vegetables, or seafood.

9 | Rawon

If Sobat Pesona likes culinary made from various processed meats, Indonesia has a lot of typical foods made from meat. One of them is rawon. This meat soup with thick black sauce is a typical food that comes from East Java. The dark black color of rawon is produced by kluwek mixed with soft beef pieces. Rawon is usually served with rice, bean sprouts, leeks, salted eggs, and shrimp cracker leaves as a complement.

10 | Sate Lilit

For Pesona friends who are or are going to Bali, it is necessary to make satay lilit as a menu that Sobat Pesona will eat while on vacation, okay! Satay, which is an icon of Balinese cuisine, is quite easy to find in various tourist locations, such as Badung, Denpasar, to Gianyar. For those who have never tried, what is satay lilit? Different from satay in general which is in the form of a stab of pieces of meat, satay lilit is in the form of lumps of dough made from meat that wraps skewers. In addition, this satay is also not served with peanut sauce, because the dough seasoning is already rich in taste.

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